Scientific achievements

Observation materials of Zelenogorsk swamp station for 1950-1995 are represented in the form of a Handbook, and more than 1/3 of the data published in Yearbooks (“Observation materials of the marsh stations”) are recorded on electronic media.

The Zelenogorsk field experimental base is not only one of the specialized stations of the hydrometeorological network, but also a methodological center in the development of methods and instruments for hydrological research on the Rosgidromet bog stations network. With the active participation of the ZFEB staff, the 3rd (1972) and 4th (1990) editions of the Manual on hydrometeorological stations and posts, (Vol. eight.) were prepared.

For the 60-year period of work of the ZFEB, a unique material on the water-thermal regime and the components of the water balance of the upper bog massif has been obtained. It allows to solve a variety of scientific and practical tasks about marshes study, development and protection. The scientific analysis and generalization of this material made it possible to identify the main patterns of hydrological and hydrophysical processes occurring in the marshes of the thawed zone. On this basis, methods for calculating virtually all elements of the water-thermal regime, water and heat balance of this type of marshes were developed. These developments are included in "Hydrological calculations for draining wetlands and wetlands" (1963), "Guidelines for calculating runoff from undrained and drained upper bogs" (1971), "Recommendations for calculating evaporation from the surface Sushi "(1976) (practical manuals for land reclamation designers).

ZFEB has made a great contribution to the development of wetland hydrology. On its materials the theoretical foundations of the hydrology of wetlands were developed (published in the monograph of K. E. Ivanov "Fundamentals of hydrology of wetlands of the forest zone" (1957)). Hydrophysical studies in the Lammin-Suo swamp, carried out by the station team under the direction of V. V. Romanov, made it possible to lay the theoretical foundations of the wetland hydrophysics (V. V. Romanov, "Swamp Hydrophysics," Hydrometeoizdat, 1961).

Comprehensive hydrometeorological observations on the Lammin-Suo massif are the longest, among all such observations in the swamps, not only in our country, but also abroad. This increases the value of observational materials obtained at the ZFEB especially for scientific research.

On the basis of these materials, published dozens of scientific papers. Their authors are K.E. Ivanov, V.V. Romanov, A.I. Arefieva, L.G. Bavina, E.L. Balyasov., P.K.Vorobiev, I.L. Kalyuzhny, I.I. Kalyuzhnaya, L.Ya. Levandovskaya, S.M. Novikov, K.K. Pavlova, V.G. Rozdestvenskaya, EA Romanov et al. At the present time, current observations and experimental studies of the ZFEB are aimed to solve the following problems of the wetlands hydrology:

- assessment of the impact of climate change on the natural properties of swamps;

- assessment of the contamination of the marshes surface degree from the atmosphere;

- assessment of changes in the filtration properties of the active peat deposit in the process of evolution of the swamp microlandscape.

Zelenogorsk field experimental base has many years of creative ties with the Botanical Institute and St. Petersburg University, whose employees conduct their research in the Lammin-Suo swamp. During the 60-year period of the work of the ZFEB, dozens of domestic and foreign scientists visited it; numerous excursions with hydrologists, wetland scientists, geobotanists, students and schoolchildren took place.