Department of Channel Processes

Main activities are:

  • Developing the theory of riverbed processes and forecasting methods of channel and flood plain deformations.
  • Studying genesis, conditions of existence, dynamics and interaction of forms of bed load transportation for all structural levels.
  • Developing methods for measuring and calculating discharge and runoff for bed load and suspended sediments in river systems.
  • Investigating the hydraulic resistance at all forms of sediment transport.
  • Studying the morphology and hydraulics of river floodplains of different types and river channels deformations, and floodplains during floods and catastrophic high water.
  • Studying the formation of river channels in conditions of their degradation and reconstruction (recovery).
  • Studying river channel turbulence.
  • Developing the theory and methodology for experimental hydrological studies, hydraulic modelling and techniques for laboratory works.
  • Providing hydrological justification for the largest water-related activities concerning hydrological regime of rivers and floodplains currently in operation or under construction.
  • Developing regulatory guidelines on accounting for the channel process for different sectors of the national economy.