Department of Metrology and Standardization


The department provides services for calibration of hydrological measuring instruments.

Main activities are:

  • Implementing methodological and scientific guidance for the  metrological services of Roshydromet in terms of ensuring the unity and required accuracy of hydrological measurements performed to obtain information on surface water.
  • Introducing modern methods and measuring systems for hydrological characteristics to increase the quality of scientific research, measurement and calibration.
  • Developing the concept of metrological support for measurements and observations, and developing and implementing a unified technical policy in the field of metrological provision of hydrological measurements.
  • Analysing the state of hydrological measurements.
  • Developing technical requirements for hydrological measurement systems, controls and test tools.
  • Contributing to the development of tools and methods for measurements, calibration techniques and standards.
  • Providing scientific, organizational and methodical support for work on the metrological provision of hydrological measurements.
  • Developing verification schemes and participating in hydrological testing.

Developing and carrying out metrological certification of measuring methods and related hydrological manuals.