Laboratory of Hydrophysics

Main activities are:

  • Investigating the physical foundations of the formation of runoff in river basins, bogs, organic and mineral soils:
  • Heat and mass-exchanging process at infiltration of meltwater in frozen soil, formation of water-absorbing capacity of soils, and moisture migration in winter and autumn periods.
  • Formation and melting of snow cover.
  • Process of moisture evaporation from different underlying surfaces.
  • Developing mathematical models of soil freezing, moisture migration to the freezing front, infiltration of meltwater, forming and melting of the snow cover, and evaporation from soil and snow.
  • Studying the formation of river runoff during changing climatic characteristics and the development of appropriate mathematical models.
  • Developing methods and assessments of water-physical and thermal characteristics of organic and mineral soils necessary for the mathematical modelling of hydro-physical processes.
  • Studying hydro-ecological processes and dissemination of pollutants in rivers, river basins and wetlands.
  • Investigating conditions for the formation of blocking phenomena in rivers and the development methods for forecasting blocking.
  • Providing scientific and methodological guidance for monitoring evaporation from water surface, snow and soil.
  • Implementing contractual works on the basis of hydro-physical research in key areas of the laboratory.